CROW makes preparations to launch petition campaign

CROW makes preparations to launch petition campaign

With assistance from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), we are proposing a citizen petition to amend the City of Cincinnati Charter to include the Ohio River Bill of Rights (ORBOR). This is the next step in preparation to collect the needed number of signatures to place Rights of Nature on the election ballot. The number of signatures needed is ten percent of the voter turnout in the previous election. The Ohio River Bill of Rights claims our sovereign right as citizens to protect the natural world. It claims the rights of the River and all associated life therein to flourish and thrive unharmed. It provides for legal standing in court to protect these rights. It sets up an Ecology Advocate and an Ecology Court to uphold and oversee the process. We will need many boots on the ground to collect the needed signatures. See our website for the introduction to the ORBOR.

Jessica Schultz

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