CROW Co-sponsoring Ban on Frack Waste

CROW Co-sponsoring Ban on Frack Waste

We are one of more than a dozen organizations co-signing a letter to the Ohio State Legislature demanding a total and immediate ban of the use of brine from oil and gas extraction operations (O&G brine) as a road deicer and dust suppressant and use in portable restrooms.

For nearly 2 generations, the Oil and Gas industry has been able to dispose of toxic, radioactive brine by spreading it on roads throughout our state. Recently, Ohio House Bill 282 and Ohio Senate Bill 171 were introduced to commodify “processed” brine and allow its sale in hardware stores for general use. By its own authorized scientific study, the Ohio  Department of Natural Resources has been advised against the wonton use of this dangerous material. The major conclusion of the study states, “Due to the increased levels of human exposure to radiation, use of products derived from oil and gas production brine is not recommended.” Therefore, it is time for these state agencies (ODH, ODNR, and OHEPA) to once again – after 36 years – unequivocally call for the ban of all O&G brine spreading in Ohio and for legislators to make it happen.

Read the press release from the Ohio Community Rights Network.

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Jessica Schultz

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